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The Creative Cookie Squad

In February our new group of fabulous students from Gosden House School joined us for their first official Cookie Project session.


Our new students have chosen to name themselves ‘The Creative Cookie Squad’ and are keen to enhance the deliciously chunky, chocolate chip cookies with some new creative flavours.  Do look out for their cookies over the next month. 


During this Project, £1 from every cookie sold will go towards raising funds for the Squad’s chosen positive impact project.

The Creative Cookie Squad have chosen to use the money from their cookie sales to develop their school’s Yr 10 and 11 playground area.  They’ve identified items and equipment that they’d like to purchase that they feel will ‘make breaktimes

fun for everyone’, ‘spark creativity among the students’ and make the Yr 10 and 11 students feel ‘even happier’.

Creative Pic 2.jpeg
Creative pic 3.jpeg
Creative pic 4.jpeg
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